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Visit 9

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A little history

The Visit 9 program was introduced in 1969 by then State President, Ralph and Sylvia McDormott. The program is designed to promote visitation by dancers to other districts within the Oklahoma Square Dance Federation. AS YOU KNOW, many benefits are derived from our activity of square dancing: enjoyment, exercise and the thing they have in common - Fun! Sharing that fun with dancers in the various districts is what the Visit 9 program is all about. The personal awards include:

- You become better acquainted with other dancers
- You create new friends all over the state
- You dance to some of the finest callers Oklahoma has to offer
- Magically, your dancing skills improve
- When Visit 9 folks come to visit your club, they already know a friend
- Travel and exploring the many interesting sites Oklahoma has to offer

Districts of the Oklahoma Square Dance Federation

The Oklahoma Square Dance Federation is comprised of eight square dance districts: Central (C), Green Country (GC), Northeast (NE), Northwest (NW), Panhandle (P), Southern (S), South Central (SC) and Southwest (SW). The Visit 9 travel program includes visitation to the eight districts and the Oklahoma Square Dance Federation Annual Festival and the Annual Benefit Square Dance (OK).

OK State Federation, the Districts and the Visit 9 Dangles

The District and Visit 9

Any mainstream square dance event designated by the district may be a Visit 9 dance. Any promotion or advertisement of these dances via flyers, newsletters, emails or the "Sashay" is an open invitation to all dancers.

How do I find Visit 9 Dances?

A schedule of all Districts' Visit 9 dances is listed in the "Sashay", the Oklahoma Square Dance Federation publication. Copies of the "Sashay" are mailed or emailed to every club president for distribution to club members. Districts should send notification of designated Visit 9 dances to the editor of the "Sashay" before the deadline of each issue. The schedule is revised and updated with each new issue.
The schedule below is an example from April 2018.

    Download a complete listing of Visit 9 2018 dances with details

    Download a complete listing of Visit 9 2019 dances with details (subject to change)

Who Participates in Visit 9?

You do! The Visit 9 program is made available to any dancer within the Oklahoma Square Dance Federation: square dancers, round dancers, cloggers, teens, singles, couples, callers and cuers. There are no dues to pay, no meetings to attend and no timetable to adhere to. The only requirement is that dancers attend Visit 9 designated dances wherever and whenever possible.

The cost of participating in the program is absolutely nothing! It's Free! Dancers should sign the Visit 9 attendance sheet at the dance. The state Visit 9 chairman keeps records of attendance at Visit 9 dances.

Participants receive no awards, trophies or plaques for their accomplishments. However, you will have a pretty cool looking badge. For each district you visit, you can purchase a dangle from that district and display it on your badge.

Wearing the Visit 9 Badge

The Visit 9 bar may be worn at any square dance, whether it is a club dance or a visitation dance. Wear it to promote the Visit 9 program, especially when attending any of the designated Visit 9 dances.
A fairly new Visit 9 badge From 'this' to 'THIS' in a manner of months...just for dancing! A Visit 9 badge with pizazze

The Visit 9 bar with dangles from each of the Districts are designed as an incentive and fun badge for the dancers to wear and to show that they are a participant in the program. Each time a participant visits a district Visit 9 dance, they may purchase a dangle from that district to suspend on their Visit 9 bar. Bars and dangles can also be purchased from the state Visit 9 based on the registration records. Each dangle is engraved with the initials of the various districts and is the color of that district, thus making a very colorful badge when all nine have been visited. There is not any particular order in collecting the dangles or arranging them on the bar.

The Bar and Dangles

Many participating dancers do not stop visiting when their Visit 9 bar is filled. After visiting all nine districts dances two times, they may add a silver star to the bar. After three times around a gold star is added. After four cycles, a gold star with a ruby stone is added. After visiting all nine districts five times, the participant has then earned a GOLD Visit 9 bar to replace the brown bar. Then repeat the process to obtain the Gold Visit 9 X bar, followed by the Gold Visit 9 XV bar.

That's it in a nutshell. So next time you are in a square and someone has a Visit 9 badge, you will know they are working a Visit 9 program. If you are at a Visit 9 dance, drop by the table and say 'Hi' to the person there. You may make a new friend and be surprised at how simple and rewarding the Visit 9 program really is.

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