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Sashay Newsletters

The Sashay is the official newsletter of the Oklahoma Square Dance Federation.  The OSDF emails the Sashay six times a year.  Available at no cost, the newsletter covers Executive Board activity and District events.  To automatically receive the Sashay by email, follow this Register ME link.

The Sashay is a cooperative effort from a very responsible team of Reporters and an Editor.  Reporters, usually the Executive Board members and District representivies, submit articles and images about Square Dance in their District to the Newsletter Editor.  The Editor then arranges their submissions for publishing, adds "bells and whistles" and publishes the newsletter.  Their skills include: OSDF thanks our current editor, Bob Thomas, and appreciates the Board members and District reporters that keep us abreast of State activity.  The Sashay brings everyone a little closer together and allows us to enjoy dances we might have otherwise missed.  OSDF hopes you enjoy them also.